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Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Provider Course

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care - Provider Course is a 16-hour classroom and scenario-based skills course for civilian EMTs, Paramedics and SWAT Medics. The Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) course, developed by the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, introduces evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care in a civilian tactical operation or any other human threat emergency.  TECC is conducted under the auspices of the Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) program. 

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TECC is oriented toward the civilian tactical medical provider and is compliant with the recommendations of the Hartford Consensus, the Committee on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care standards and the foundational principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive NAEMT certification in TECC, a wallet card recognizing them as TECC providers for 4 years, and 16 hours of CAPCE credit. This course includes a practical skills and written examination students must pass to receive NAEMT Certification.  

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