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Empower public safety professionals, service members and everyday members of the community to effectively respond to life threatening injuries and preserve human life in times of crises. -That we may all come home.

Class Eight Research is a Veteran and Law Enforcement Owned Small Business dedicated to bringing the finest prehospital field emergency medical products and training on the market to our customers. Class Eight Research proudly serves law enforcement, the United States Military and our community by procuring effective and innovative prehospital field casualty care products and training to help them more effectively respond to the dangers they face.  


Class Eight Research specializes in world class training, and the development and sourcing of prehospital individual and team trauma kits, tactical emergency casualty care products, and TACEVAC equipment for law enforcement, the United States Military, security professionals, private organizations and community preparedness.

Class Eight Research is an authorized distributor for the leading manufactures of prehospital emergency medical equipment. Class Eight Research’s wide-ranging supply network gives us the ability to provide the finest prehospital emergency medical products to our customers, and source custom solutions to meet their requirements.       

Class Eight Research derives its name from the U.S. Army’s class of supply for personal medical equipment, "Class VIII." Much of Class Eight Research's product lines are proudly American Made and Berry Amendment Compliant. In addition to the individual and team medical kits assembled in house, Class Eight Research also offers the full product lines of North American Rescue®, QuikClot®, PerSys Medical®, Phokus™ Research Group, Tactical Medical Solutions, Eleven 10 Gear, H&H Medical and many more.         

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