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The re-designed Wound Cube™ Gen 2 wound simulator has five large usable wound patterns designed into a transparent soft silicone cube. The Wound Cube™ Gen 2 was designed to increase muscle memory for students learning the basics of bleeding control. The design allows for more effective training in any classroom setting. Over the last two years Phokus Research collected feedback from hundreds of trainers and students.  The Gen 2 Cube has been completely redesigned with all those comments in mind.


*Optional blood simulant available through special order.

Wound Cube Gen 2 Wound Simulation Trainer

    • Wet or Dry training device - master the basics
    • Semi-transparent
    • 3x Gunshot Wounds - Narrow, Small, Large
    • 1x Large Laceration
    • Realistic Tissue Loss
    • Realistic Tissue Density
    • Compact Design (No wasted space)
    • Durably built
    • Affordable
    • Blood simulant can be used with this product for added realism
    • Non-Toxic Silicone Material
    • Size: 4 x 4 x 4
    • Wt: 2.5 lbs
    • Patents Pending
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