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The Ryker Nylon Gear Ankle First Aid Kit (AFAK) is a lightweight (2.3 ounces) ankle system designed for carrying medical items concealed on your ankle. Don't let that limit you though, as it also works well for carrying other items. A great option for law enforcement and security personnel who don’t have room for medical gear on their duty belts. Also, great for every day carry. Also avalible in a new soft 4 way stretch (4WS) Llightweight material (2.6 ounces).



Ankle First Aid Kit (AFAK)

    • 3 Vertical pockets for items like combat gauze, mini compression bandage, tourniquet, trauma sheers, etc.
    • 1 Horizontal pocket that will fit a compact chest seals
    • Includes new elastic extension piece for full size boots
    • Made in America
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